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New Construction Regulations 2014- an explanatory guide

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New Construction Regulations 2014 – An Explanatory guide.

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This book is aimed at assisting industry, and more so, the construction industry, with interpreting the Construction Regulations, 2014, correctly, as well as applying the intention of the legislature, where necessary. It is also pointed out in this book, which aspects in these Regulations, should be applied in cases where the work to be performed, is not construction-related work per se.
This book has as its aim:

  • to explain what other aspects in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, especially in terms of the sections thereof, can be made use of, to assist employers to effectively and practically implement the requirements of these Regulations, in order to still comply with these Regulations.
  • to assist the reader in applying the principle of reading legislation in its entirety, instead of focusing only on the Construction Regulation, 2014.
  • Readers being familiar with the Construction Regulations, 2003 will most certainly benefit from this book in the sense that all differences are pointed out.
  • The authors have also strived to point out to the reader, which aspects in these Regulations are incorrect in terms of wrong references to other aspects, incorrect terminology, other aspects which are completely wrong, health and safety standards not being incorporated, etc. In most instances where it was possible, the aforementioned aspects have been corrected.
  • The roles and responsibilities of certain appointees are explained in great detail in terms of the requirements of the statutory body approved by the chief inspector, which is The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP).
  • Legal Liability and OHS Act Appointments.

The book serves as a manual for employers, explaining the importance of following correct legal guidelines when making appointments and designations. All guidelines are based on the OHS act and a host of documents and appointment letter templates are included.

Explaining the Occupational Health and Safety Act – The Legislature’s Interpretation.

Updated as legislation is amended, this is an in-depth commentary and explanation of Act 85 of 1993 and the regulations as well as Occupational Health and Safety Appointments and Liabilities. Expert authors clarify the intention of the legislature and the section covering frequently asked questions and answers on the OHS Act, will assist you with the more practical aspects of the legislation.

  • A Practical Guide to the Construction Regulations.

The book is a manual for contractors and foremen in the construction sector. It explains the regulations pertaining to the Construction Regulation part of the OHS act and gives guidelines on how to work according to the act, avoid incidents and how to handle incidents.